This award winning documentary production is now available on DVD as a special edition in its original English, German and French narrated versions. This was made possible by the kind support and initiative of the German pilots association, Vereinigung Cockpit (VC), the German Trade Union Ver.di, the international Aerotoxic Team and the French Association des Victimes du Syndrome Aérotoxique (AVSA).

The DVD contains the 2 hrs 11 minutes Directors Cut version and some bonus materials in the ROM section of the DVD, such as current fume event guides to assist flight crews and passengers in case of fume/smell – events encountered and what should be done also in terms of medical assistance in such cases.

It also contains a 276 pages copy of the last work of Professor Dr Chris Winder, the Australian toxicologist who discovered the «aerotoxic syndrome» already back in the mid nineties and who unfortunately died of cancer in May 2014.

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ENGLISH version, 131 minutes, DVD (PAL/Stereo)

special edition «directors cut»

narrated by Brian Thomas












FRENCH version, 131 minutes, DVD (PAL/Stereo)

édition spéciale «directors cut»

narrated by Patrice Luc Doumeyrou












GERMAN version, 131 minutes, DVD (PAL/Stereo)

Sonderedition «directors cut»

narrated by Tim van Beveren



The DVD edition will be available by 01. October 2016. At this point you may pre-order and you will get a 10 % discount on the final resales price. You will be informed upon the release by email, may then conveniently purchase the DVD paying by paypal or credit card and have it shipped to your address.



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